Acculon® Jewelry Wire

Welcome to Acculon® Jewelry Wire – your gateway to premium beading excellence. Explore our diverse range of meticulously crafted beading wires, meticulously made in the USA at our Fullerton, California facility. Delve into the unique features of our distinguished Acculon lines:

3 Strand Acculon Beading Wire:

Unveil the charm of the original "Tiger Tail" – our 3 Strand Acculon Beading Wire. Crafted in the USA, this wire offers a rounded shape to designs. Sturdy and coated in our proprietary nylon blend, it's available in various diameters for both beginners and manufacturers.

7 Strand Acculon Beading Wire:

Experience versatility with our 7 Strand Acculon Beading Wire. Meticulously made in the USA, this wire strikes a balance between flexibility and strength. Choose from different diameters to match bead hole sizes and enhance your projects effortlessly.

21 Strand Acculon Beading Wire:

Introduced in 2015, the 21 Strand Acculon Beading Wire offers enhanced flexibility. Crafted in Fullerton, California, it provides a mid-range option for various project demands.

49 Strand Acculon Beading Wire:

For the pinnacle of flexibility and quality, explore our 49 Strand Acculon Beading Wire. Made in the USA, this wire is a testament to innovation and artistry. With strands finer than human hair, it's knottable and offers the best drape. Redefine beading wire excellence with this extraordinary product.

Since the early '90s, Acculon has been a trusted name, meeting customer needs with precision and commitment. Elevate your creations with Acculon – where every strand embodies craftsmanship, innovation, and a dedication to quality. Discover the artistry of beading wire at its finest.