Acculon 21 Strand

Our 21 Strand Acculon jewelry wire was developed in 2010, and it is only slightly more expensive than Acculon 7 strand beading wire, while offering more flexibility and drape. We have diameters that will work for the majority of your beading needs. 21 Strand Acculon has the ability to hold its shape well while also being fairly kink resistant. If you are looking for a quality beading wire while avoiding the cost of the 49 Strand beading wires, Acculon 21 Strand is perfect. If you are looking for a beading wire that has a excellent drape and never kinks, you will want to use our 49 Strand Acculon.

Acculon 21 Strand is very kink resistant and flexible, but it still is very durable. The more strands of stainless steel that are wound together, the more flexibility the wire will have.

Acculon 21 Strand is made by tightly stranding 21 very fine stainless steel wires together. The wire is then stress relieved to relax the wire and add to it's flexibility. This all takes place before the wire is coated in FDA approved nylon. This nylon is specifically designed to resisted abrasive beads while also making it completely safe for bodily contact. 

We offer our Acculon 21 Strand in several different lengths, diameters, and colors. All of our spools are registered with a unique UPC code. This allows are customers to keep track of their inventory and quickly ring up the item at the point of sale.

Acculon 21 Strand is offered in sizes of .015" (.38mm), .018" (.45mm), and .024" (.61mm).

You can purchase these spools in lengths of 30 feet (9.2m), 100 feet (30m), 300 feet (92m), 1,000 feet (300m), or 5,000 feet (1,500m). For larger bulk spools, please contact us directly.

We keep all these Acculon 21 Strand products stocked in colors of Clear, Antique Gold, and Black.

*All orders will usually ship within 2-3 business days.

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