3 Strand Acculon Beading Wire


Our 3 Strand Acculon® Beading Wire – the original "Tiger Tail" known for its sturdy build and unique characteristics – has been a staple since the early '90s! Crafted from three high-quality 304 stainless steel strands, this beading wire combines toughness with flexibility. Proudly manufactured in our Fullerton, California factory, it ensures a rounded shape for your beading designs.

Key Features:

  • Material: High-quality 304 stainless steel wire
  • Flexibility: Sturdy yet more flexible than wrapping wire
  • Coating: Smooth and soft proprietary nylon blend
  • Diameters: Available in .012", .015", and .018"
  • Spool Sizes: 30-foot and 100-foot for beginners, 5,000-foot and 10,000-foot for manufacturers

Choose the diameter based on your bead hole size. The "bright" color is available on our website for quicker delivery, but we offer multiple colors upon direct contact. Please note that additional colors may add about one week to the lead time if not in stock.

Whether you're a beading enthusiast or a jewelry manufacturer, our 3 Strand Acculon® Beading Wire has been meeting needs with durability, flexibility, and a touch of elegance since the early '90s!

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